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This is a site to catelog, track and share all the various projects I create. It is intended to share and log successes and failures of my various craft projects. Soon you will see Handmade Cards, Knitting projects, Scrapbook pages, and Quilting projects, to name a few.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Year long quilting project

I'm very excited about this new challenge I've taken on. I've joined the Thimbleberries Club for 2006 at the Quiltery store in Riverview. Every month we make a new square of a different style. The theme for it is Vintage Stitches. The middle of each square correponds to the month. I completed the first square for January but had to redo the whole thing. It was supposed to end up being 12.5 inch square but it was only 12". Way too different so I tore it apart and resewed it. It's now exact and I'm really happy I made the effort to fix it. I have the material for the next square but haven't started yet. I'll have to be way more careful this time.
Here is what the finished quilt should look like:
I'm only doing the Quilt front, who would ever put that much work into the back of the quilt?! Not me anyway.


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