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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Free at last... tale of thrummed slippers comes to an end

Ever have a project that just hangs over you and you dread working on it because it's just not enjoyable but until you finish it, it's still there hanging over everything else you work on?

Well I do all the time! And I just finished one of these last night! I finished the second thrummed slipper that I was making Troy. I hate it, but he loves it, so all is good. They look horrible and I think one is bigger than the other even. But when I gave them to Troy last night he pulled his socks off and stuck his feet in the slippers and squealed with joy (well he made some sort of pleasurable noise).

He finds them very cozy and warm and comfortable... I'm just glad they are finished!

Now on to the next project... a lacy scarf...


At Wednesday, March 08, 2006, Anonymous Troy said...

They're GREAT Tan! I love the insides of them (should put up a pic) because its filled with pieces of yarn sticking IN through them! Like a reverse Chewbacca, which is what I referred to when I GRUNTED my appreciation, not squealed!

Thank you very much Tan. Now how's my sweater coming?


At Wednesday, March 08, 2006, Blogger KnittenKnots said...

Yeah, I wanna see a pic too!! :-) I love that he commented - so sweet...


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