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Monday, June 12, 2006

My SP8 package has arrived!

I arrived home tonight to a delightful sight... a cardboard box on the kitchen table!

I guessed right away that it was from my SP8 pal (cause who else would be sending me a parcel when it's not my birthday). How exciting! I opened it right away and found a beautiful needle case from Lantern Moon.

SP8 Parcel 1
Needle Case

It's in a gorgeous green color, my fav color, my secret pal is so smart. And I'm so impressed with how fast she was to get a parcel to me. Very impressive!

Receiving this package put me into action. I immediately went to my craft room and packaged up the package for my secret pal. I had it all together but had to put a finishing touch on a handmade item. I quickly did that and took a picture of it all (can't send anything away without a picture first) and I wrapped it all up. It's going in the mail tomorrow.

What a great way to end an awful day! I found out today that for my MBA class we have an assignment that is due next Monday, yes 1 week from today. We already have our final exam on that day, so this assignment adds a huge weight to my already large work load. And to top it off, it's a group project and I was planning to go away this weekend for father's day. Apparently my professor is not aware that these short notice announcements play havoc on all aspects of our lives. This is also going to cut into my sock knitting time and I'm trying to get a pair complete for father's day... it's going to be tough. Wish me luck!


At Tuesday, June 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tanya, I am so glad I could help brighten up what sounds like a tough day leading into a tough week - I absolutely hate how real life cuts into important things like knitting and Father's Day -

glad you liked the needle case - thought it, and the colour, might work - talk to you soon and keep your chin up!


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