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Monday, September 03, 2007

Back at it

I've been back for a week today and have been so busy I didn't even have a chance to blog. My trip to Ottawa was terrific.

Anna and Rob are officially married and here are the cute couple. Check out her shoes... I just love that she wore red shoes. This wedding was very original but keeping with some tradition as well. It was beautiful at an old Mill in Mannotick, ON.

While in Ottawa I visited a couple yarn shops. The first was Wool-Tyme where I picked up a few items. Just a couple balls of sock yarn and a couple really neat (and cheap) sock bags.


I also visited Yarn Forward out in Kanata but didn't purchase anything there.

An update on the items that I brought with me for the car drive:

  1. One Toe up sock completed. It looks very ackward due to the 2x2 ribbing but it fits a man's size 11 pretty well. Not crazy about the heel though. I might try a different heel technique the next time I make toe up socks. By the way, this pattern is from Interweave Summer 2007. They have a great tutorial on toe up socks.

  2. IMG_1593.JPG

  3. Montego Bay scarf completed

  4. IMG_1587.JPG

  5. One Sweet Pea sock completed

  6. IMG_1592.JPG

  7. Half a cable bootie completed and ready to be frogged. Love the pattern and the yarn but half a bootie has taken up half the yarn. There is no way I'll get 2 booties out of this yarn.

  8. Vneck vest has progress. I'm not at the arm holes on the back.

I of course did not get to the 'extra' yarn I brought with me.


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