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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bag Update

I'm going to make a better effort to post at least once a week. You are all welcome to call me on it when I miss that target. I really enjoy sharing my projects and thoughts so I have to take the time. That being said, if I'm posting more often expect them to be shorter posts :)


I felted the bag last week. I'm not crazy about the shape it has taken on. I find it shrunk more in the height than in the width and it's kind of loose at the sides. Because of this I've been delaying the needle felting part of this project. I'm debating whether I should throw it back in the washer, but I'm scared it will shrink in the height more. I've purchased the D-Rings for the strap and I also have some shetland brown fleece, felting needle and some foam all ready to go for the needle felting part of the project but once I put those on I can no longer felt the bag so I'm in a bit of a frightful holding pattern. I'm going to have to move one way or the other this week.

My favorite detail are the stripes on the bottom.

In other news, we had a great knitting class at London-Wul today. Cabled hats were knit up with Noro Iro and I loved the colors. As well a second class was run for a Cozy bedtime sock, which was finished in one afternoon! Great students!

For those interested in the Toe Up sock class here is a sneak peak at the sock I've designed that will be included in the class material.
I'm actually finishing off this sock tonight but I don't have any new pictures yet.

One other item I started and finished this week is this hat for Troy.

It's not my favorite hat I've ever made but it's 100x better than the polyester crappy hat from the dollar store he's been wearing. I was embarassed to call myself a knitter with my husband walking around in that hat.
I bought some merino roving from London-Wool last week and spun it up in a chunky single ply. I then knit it up using a 3x2 Rib pattern. It's very soft but the singles didn't look all that great. He wore it out sliding today with his 'little brother' and it's a winner with him.

I'm off to finish up those socks and start a new project. Details on the new project to come soon.


At Sunday, February 03, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do love the bag, the flap colours, the lines underneath... Another round in the washer might stiffen the loose part, but don't quote me on this... It's just that sometimes, the felting and shrinking process take place very distincly, the shrinking waiting for the whole felting to be over with (and you end up putting your knitting in the washer like 7 times before you see some shrinking). Other times, you get a little bit of both. I guess there's just one way to find out, unfortunately you can't undo felting the same way as knitting...

one blog a week, ah ah ahhhhaaaa

At Monday, February 04, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe Troy was wearing a dollar store hat(the shoemaker's daughter goes barefoot syndrome) I love the handspun hat - working full time, university courses, spinning, knitting, designing,dyeing NOW teaching - how do you do it all? No - REALLY! How do you do it?


At Monday, February 04, 2008, Blogger Tanya said...

To answer Sherri's question, Troy does the vacuuming... I'm a luck gal.
Thanks for the encouragement Manon. I'm going to give it another round in the washer tomorrow night because I'm not happy with the way it is so I can't leave it like that.

At Tuesday, February 05, 2008, Blogger canknitian said...

Hi there...I'm working on my own version of the Interweave messenger bag in Briggs & Little Bulky. What yarn did you use for yours? :)

At Wednesday, February 06, 2008, Blogger JOnz said...

Thanks for the hat Tan! It really is AWESOME! I walked to work yesterday, 45mins @ -15C, and the hat performed great! The best part of it is that it doesn't 'bind' my hair to my head like the other one does.


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