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Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's a New Year!

Welcome to 2009! I hope everyone had a wonderful December and Holiday season. I have been very busy producing fiberlicious stuff, unfortunately not blogging about any of it.

Here is a quick preview of our holiday season:

First was Christmas in Campbellton (where my husband's mom lives)

Next we came home for a second Christmas with my parents.

It was fondue night and Trent, Troy's brother, got right into the cooking.

And Mom finally received her much anticipated black vest.

Next I finished some spinning while Troy went back to work for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (sucker LOL)
Blended Polworth and Soy silk purchased at London-Wul

Then it was New Year's Eve and we headed to Laurie and Ryan's New Year's Eve wedding.

It was so beautiful and a terrific night filled with live jazz and dancing.

Now on New Year's day we are hiding from the cold blizzard outside and I'm keeping warm with a beautiful Odessa hat that my friend Kim made me for Christmas and my new Cashmere/Merino/Silk handspun scarf/wrap.


Happy New Year everyone! And here's to blogging more often in 2009!


At Thursday, January 01, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you too! And lol, what a beautiful polworth-soya silk yarn you've made there.


At Monday, January 05, 2009, OpenID haggaret said...

I really like that hat/toque. Nice work Kim! (whoever you are) :)


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