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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

8th Annual Maritime Spinner's Retreat

October was full of excitement and the highlight was the 8th Annual Maritime Spinner's Retreat that was held in Cape Breton this year.

Line, CJ and I headed down the highway to Cape Breton on Friday, Oct 24.
It was a gorgeous fall day, perfect for driving.
Heading to Cape Breton

Welcome to Cape Breton

The first stop in Cape Breton was the Candy Shop. It is in Port Hawksbury and is a must stop destination if you go to Cape Breton. The chocolate bar serves an amazing blend of hot chocolate and coffee that is the best you will ever taste.
The Candy Shop

We stopped next in Beddeck at the infamous Baadeck Yarns. They had an awesome selection of yarns and hand knitted items. It is worth the trip just to stop at this shop. We made some purchases and were on our way to the Gaelic College where the retreat was to be held.
We arrived there just at sunset and the place was beautiful!
Gaelic College at Sunset
We found our room, which was located in MacKenzie Hall.
Dorm we stayed in
Unpacked and headed to the Hall of the Clans for some socializing and spinning. CJ has some great pictures of the festivities that night which included a harp player, a fire place and a wine and cheese. We were in heaven!

Later that evening we retired to our room in which we had created our own pantry including 'fridge' and all. It was PJ and show and tell time!
CJ's Day 1 stashLine's Day 1 stash

We stayed up until the early morning hours chatting, laughing, knitting and sipping wine.

The next day was jammed full of fun and activities. Started with breakfast in the cafeteria, followed by some spinning in the Great Hall.
Great hall of Spinners

I gave a drop spinning demo/workshop and thanks to Manon here is a picture.

Later the vendors opened as well as the weaving studio.
Weaving StudioMy purchases

CJ bought me this for my birthday Wensleydale and I had bought the mohair locks that matched perfectly:
Birthday gift from CJ I've already spun this up using a novelty yarn plying technique demonstrated at the retreat. Pictures to come later.

During the day retreat participants were asked to vote on their favorite hand spun skein of yarn and their favorite knit from hand spun item for an award to be given in honor of Audrey Stanley.
Skein table:
Audrey Stanley Skein table My skein is the red one in the shadows.

Knitted table:
Audrey Stanley knitted table My knitted item is the light green shawl on the left.

After dinner the awards were given out from the tally of the votes and my skein WON!

As you can tell from the picture I was very happy! There were some beautiful skeins there and it was a real honor to be voted as the favorite.

Here's a close up with the piece of Stanley pottery I won (along with $50 that got spent before I even came home):
My skein WON!

A ceildh (pronounced Cailie which I learned on the weekend) was held that night and we later went off to a common room and held a spinning, knitting, PJ and eating party of our own until the wee hours of the morning again. No pictures available as it was top secret (and we don't want to admit it was us making all that noise).

It was a fabulous weekend and I can't wait until next year! I'll leave you with a picture of the Polworth I spun during the retreat.
What I spun

If you'd like to see the full set of pictures they can be found here.

Also CJ has a great post of pictures and details on her blog.


At Wednesday, November 05, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see CJ's purchases, Line's purchases... but I don't see Tanya's purchases. Not enough blog space?

Manon :)

At Friday, November 07, 2008, Blogger Line (pronounced Lynn) said...

I second Manon's comment... The retreat was a wonderful time. My blog on the retreat includes a video of the milling of the blanket - singing and all. You should have a peek!


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