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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Options are not optional

For those of you familiar with Knit Picks, you will for sure have noticed they make a beautiful wooden needle they call Harmony. Not only are they beautiful to look at but the tips are the pointiest wooden tips I've ever seen. They have a Harmony wood story on their site explaining the creation of these unique wooden needles.

I am now the proud owner of the Harmony Options needle set! These are interchangeable circular needles and came with 9 different tips ranging from 3.5mm to 9mm.


The set came with a case to carry all the needle tips in along with a separate case to control the cables. There were also some ends and a tightener.

I also ordered separately the stand which I'm really glad I did. Now I'll have to work on getting the other sizes I'm missing to fill my stand up.


If you are a circular needle knitter I highly recommend these needles. For the price and what you get the Options needles are not optional ;)


At Sunday, February 07, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congradulation!! I got my first exchangeable needle kits almost 30 years ago and I've been using them since. You will not regret your purchase.

Now go buy the needle sizes you're missing.


At Tuesday, February 09, 2010, Blogger The Gourmet Goddess said...

I found the pointiness too pointy. Ouch!

I hope you enjoy your investment! I'll stick with my addi turbos


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