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Friday, April 21, 2006

Quilting excitement

I've got the quilting bug again!

I took a vacation day today with plans of getting up, making a big pot of coffee and settling down to make the Thimbleberry block for March. Considering it's now the middle of April, I was anxious to get started on it. My day did not start off like that at all.

Troy missed the bus! Now I had to jump out of bed at 8am, throw on some clothes (warm ones cause it was freezing) and drive him to work. This required a stop at Tim Hortons and we grabbed coffees and I dropped him off. I figured since I was already out of the house I'd make a trip to the grocery store then to the Quiltery where I wanted to pick up April's block material. My day had taken a complete turn, but it proved out to be a great thing. I took my time at the grocery store (bought supplies for Lasagna which is in the oven now, yum) and ended up at the Quiltery at about 10 am. It turns out that the Thimbleberry group meeting was this morning! I never go because I am always working on Friday mornings... but this was my chance to get to show off my blocks and see what others were working on. I quickly drove home (it's really close) and picked up my blocks and headed back. Too bad I didn't have time to shower, oh well. First impressions are not that important, right?

It was very inspiring to see what the other members are doing. Not all of them are using the Thimbleberry material, one lady is making the quilt with all Halloween material, what a difference. Here is my material for the borders and the next 2 blocks. Some had already framed their blocks in. It was fun to chat with them and it got me excited to do my blocks and get them framed. And I got the material for April's block, which contains a beautiful blue with yellow daisy piece.


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