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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Heidi!

Well, belated birthday that is.

Heidi, the owner and operator of the prestigious London-Wul Farm, had a special birthday this past weekend.


The staff of LW, Sherri and Linda, very smartly threw her a surprise birthday party last Wednesday night at the shop of course!

Wednesday night is the regular knit and spin night so it wasn't much surprise for Heidi to see fellow spinners and knitters arriving. But when her neighbors from down the street showed up the cat was out of the bag.

We all had a wonderful time sharing wine and drinks along with delicious snacks! And of course a birthday cake with just the right number of candles.


Thanks to Heidi for sharing her birthday with all of us, and a special thanks to Sherri and Linda for planning such a well thought out party and inviting us (all behind Heidi's back). Great job girls!


At Monday, November 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey babe, I know you've got a real job, and an evening course... but there are people here (well maybe just me, but I digress) who have no social life and are desperately waiting for your new post!

Washed any fleece lately?


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