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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm so Excited

What a crazy week! Where do I start!

First off last Friday I dyed some Coopworth Fleece I'd bought in Halifax at the Loop in the spring.

It was grey and I wanted a fall colorway so I mixed some dyes to make red, orange and green.


It didn't turn out like I expected but it is a fall colorway and I like it. It's coming with me to the spinning retreat, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Next on Sunday was the Yarn Harvest Sale at London-Wul and Heidi had also invited us out to stay and knit as well. I hadn't been out there for a while to sit and knit because of my Wednesday night classes so I really looked forward to this. I also bought some yarn and fleece, no shock there. Two bags of dyed Polworth (Pumpkin Patch & Little Hearts Ease), 6 balls of Alfosso Lopi for felted clogs and a Fleece Artist Garter Jacket Kit for me! It's in amazing brown and pink tones.



Tuesday was a big day. First I found out I won the Secret Pal 11 Contest 3 that our group leader put on! That was the highlight of my day. Later that night I found out that our sewer backed up and we have roots growing in the pipes in our front lawn. I won't bore you with the gorey details, but let's just say it is gorey!

Wednesday night I presented my individual project in class. Thank goodness that's over with, but it went well all considering what went on the night before at my house with a snake and a plumber.

Now it's Thursday and it's Troy and my 4th year wedding anniversary. We went out for supper at an Italian restaurant called Pastelli's. It was delicious! I had stuffed Marsala chicken with mushroom risotto and creme brule for dessert. YUM!

Now I'm packing to go to the annual Fall Maritime Spinners Retreat which is in Mill River, PEI this year! I'm so very excited as I've been looking forward to this since before I could spin. The knitters and spinners at London-Wul were always mentioning it and it sounds like such a good time. Well it's finally here and I've got my fleece, UFOs, wine, salty and sweet snacks all packed and ready to go. There will be lots of pictures to come next week!


At Friday, October 12, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't get a chance to see you yesterday before I left for the day - have a fantastic weekend!


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