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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tizzie Episode 3: Mixed is Spun

For those that have not been following the Tizzie episodes you can read back here and here.

All of the Tizzie fleece has now been washed.

The next step was to start really spinning it. The mixed colored (medium grey) was first on the agenda. It was carded first, by hand with dog slickers. Next came the fun part, spinning! I spun all of the fiber into 8 single ply balls and labeled them as I went. They were all very close to 50g so that when I plied them I would not have much waste. I then plied the first with the eighth, the second with the seventh and so on. I did this so that if I had veered off from the ply I wanted it would blend in better to make a more consistent yarn. I have no idea if this really worked but it seemed like a good theory.


Here is all the medium grey fiber spun up into a 2 ply worsted yarn. It is about a worsted weight as well. I have not counted the yardage yet but there is 382g in total of this color.



Back to carding the white fleece now.



At Thursday, September 20, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn it Tanya, when do you find time for this?? It took me 3 years to spin a 2lbs of fleece that I had bought already washed and carded in ribbons...

Just 3 weeks before the spinning retreat (and I'll be watching you spin to find out your trick).


At Friday, September 21, 2007, Blogger deirdre said...

I was wondering the same thing - how do you find the time???

Tizzie looks lovely - whatcha gonna make??

At Sunday, September 23, 2007, Blogger The Gourmet Goddess said...

I want to knit a big fisherman's aran sweater with a nice cable pattern out of that wool! But what are you going to make out of it?

At Sunday, September 23, 2007, Blogger Tanya said...

I have no trick other than I'm obsessed.

I planning to make a plain stocking stitch vneck pullover for Troy with this yarn. Who knows if that's what it will be, but that's the original plan. I'll use the other colors for striping of some sort.


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