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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Handspinning in the desert

Apparently us spinners are EVERYWHERE! 

I've met a handspinning group that spins every second Wednesday at the Wooly Wonders yarn shop here in Las Vegas.  I went and spun with them last Wed night and they are a very nice group of spinners and fibre enthusiasts.  There is even a sheep farm in the area that they sometimes go on road trips to, sounds like my kind of road trip.

I started spinning the silk & BFL blend in oranges and blues that Line bought me for my birthday at the Maritime Spinners Retreat last October.  At the time we didn't know I would be moving to the desert but as soon as I found out that fibre has made me think of the desert.  The sky is always blue here, truly always.  And with so many beiges around, orange seems to be my new favorite color. 

Pictures of this spinning yet to come but here is a shot of the fibre I bought off Jackie at the Fibre Arts retreat in April.  It wasn't for sale originally but Line and I fell in love with it and asked her what it would take for her to part with it.  We split it and went home with it.  It was the first thing I spun when I got here.  It was spun on Bugsy and then plied on Rosey.  Not sure of the fibre but it's definately wool (Jackie if you are reading this and remember please enlighten us).


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