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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pack back together

Our pack (or family) is finally all back together!  Zuma, Troy and I travelled down on Monday from Moncton to Vegas with no issues.  Zuma is a perfect little traveller and didn't make a sound the whole trip down.  And he really makes the security people smile, which can't hurt since no one likes going thru security.

Clancy had a much longer trip unfortunately.  His flight was delayed so he had to spend the day and night in Halifax before flying out Tuesday afternoon and finally arriving here Tuesday night at midnight.  He was a bit disoriented and very thirsty but soon adjusted.  It's sunny and cool here so that is nice for the dogs to give them some time to adjust to the new climate.

Tonight we spent getting ourselves all hooked up to the rest of the world... internet, phone and a new 40" LED smart TV!  It's so strange how much not having the internet has bothered me.  I missed all my cyber peeps!

Work is going well and Troy is starting to know his way around a bit.  He got lost and ended up in the desert yesterday but it resulted in some nice pictures at least.


At Tuesday, April 24, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy to hear your pack is back together again! Look at those BEAUTIFUL blue skies!!! YEOWZER! I could do me with some of that! JL


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