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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jazz, Blues and Knitting

Last weekend Troy and I went on a weekend getaway to PEI for the Jazz and Blues festival in Charlottetown. Of course it was a small lineup but we really love Sue Foley, Hot Toddy, Isaac and Blewett and Alex Pangman. We saw Don Ross and Ellen McIlwaine for the first time and they were great too. All the shows were quite intimate as it was a small venue and the people were all so friendly. The weather was fabulous and PEI is so beautiful.

One highlight of the weekend was that I was surrounded by music and crafting! I was knitting the Perfect Pie shawl everytime we were in the car so I got a fair amount of knitting done while seeing the beautiful scenery. Plus, right across from the music tent was a place called the Market Place which was the largest local craft shop I've ever seen. It even had a coffee shop in it (just like Chapters, but with crafts instead of books). It is also the outlet store for Great Northern Knitters and they had quite a large selection of Fleece Artist yarns. I was in heaven! I visited the store three times just because I loved it so much and there was so much to see. My hubby could stay in the tent while I sneaked out for a 'bathroom' break and I got to peruse all the lovely yarns. Charlottetown has lots of little interesting shops downtown and we window shopped in all of them.

On Saturday morning we went to the Charlottetown Farmers market (thanks Troy). It wasn't very large, but it was just perfect. I love going to other town's Farmers markets, they show so much about the town's culture and it's people. I picked up this amazing hand dyed mohair from a lady (I lost her business card and can't remember her name). I just fell in love with it because green and blue are really my colors this season! I don't have a project for it yet, but I'm searching.

Mohair - green/blue

All in all, this weekend was relaxing, inspiring and romantic! A girl couldn't ask for more!


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