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Friday, June 20, 2008

Reconstructive surgery


No that is not a grave site, it's the view from my front door today.

We had our sewer pipes and intake pipes replaced because there were roots growing in the very old clay sewer pipes that were there before.


I must admit it was a tad bit nerve racking to see them dig up our yard like that and have the pipes disconnected from the house and then reconnected. At one point today there were piles of dirt on my TV/Craft room floor. Don't worry, I removed all the yarn to a safe haven before the jack hammering began.

All is good now and the pipes have been covered up and water turned back on.

In other news I've progressed to 2 and a half repeats of the Lotus Blossom Tank top. It's slow going cause there are so many stitches and the lace pattern requires me to keep looking at the pattern instructions. I'm determined to get this one done though. The only thing that will get in my way is that I'm making socks for my step dad's birthday which is next Sunday and I only have one sock almost finished. I'll have to focus on those next week.


I'm off to bed ... need a good sleep so I'm bright and alert for my french exam tomorrow.

Á la procaine


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