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Friday, September 01, 2006

Start to Finish

I've managed to finish one toddler pair of socks this past week using up some left over Fleece Artist merino. Finished in time to count for SAM2 August socks so that made 3 pairs of socks for August.

Toddler Flower Garden Socks

Unlike me, I've started a lot of projects this week. I don't think I've ever had so many on the go at the same time. I blame this on my new ball winder. Once the yarn is wound there is nothing preventing you from happazardly casting on projects constantly. In the wings from before I'm still knitting the blue Icarus shawl and a while lace scarf as well.

To add to those items and my knitting craziness, this week I've casted on:

Beginning of Lace Pillow

Lace for Pillow edging. Pattern from Weekend Knitting, yarn being used is Cantata Cotton Crepe DK. This will either be a wedding or Christmas present if all goes well with the first one. I need to make a set for a present I feel.

Beginning of Felted Purse

Felted Purse using a new varigated colorway from Patons in Classic Wool. I can't wait to see how this felts. I like the way Patons wool felts from using it before, and these colors are cool.

Memories Christmas Sock

First Christmas sock made with Memories from Knit Picks in Cape Code colorway. Just using a regular sock pattern with 3x1 Rib. Probably for my step dad so I'm happy with how manly (and like army colors) it is knitting up like. I'm really liking working with this yarn.

Secret Pal Jaywalker

Jaywalker sock for me with the yarn sent from my Secret Pal. I'm loving this sock so far. The colors and feel of the yarn are very satiny and shiny. And it matches the bag so well! Now I'm going to want a bag to match every project :o)


And a swatch for a sweater from Big Girl Knits. I bought this Mohair a long time ago and it has been sitting on my shelf for too long. Probably a bad time to start a sweater for myself with all the Christmas knitting I have planned, but I've already purchased the yarn so might as well start planning. The swatch turned out finally with 7mm needles (and I've now added 7mm Addis to my collection). I've never used Addis but here they are quite additive. I'm thinking of using a dark brown for the contrasting color (in the picture to replace the red). What do you think of dark brown merino with this green? It is going to be a fall sweater but to wear all winter long.

That's enough for this week. Now what am I going to knit on tonight? Too many to choose from...


At Saturday, September 02, 2006, Blogger deirdre said...

Oh, such fun to have so much to choose from! I will definitely have to check out Knitpicks yarn now - I just bought their needle set and it's great, so the yarn must be too!

At Monday, September 04, 2006, Anonymous sprite said...

Wow! You really have a lot going on. I'm really impressed. If I have two going on I feel torn!


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