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Friday, July 04, 2008

What else did I do on Canada Weekend?

I wove!

... and enjoyed some wine and podcasts!

Sunday was supposed to be moving day for a friend of ours but that was postponed due to UHaul stupidity. So not being one to waste a free afternoon, I set to warping my loom.

I've had some hand dyed mohair that I bought in PEI at the market early last summer (or maybe the summer before) and ladder yarn that matched it perfectly. They have been set aside for some time now to become something together. I decided to weave something with them but wanted a good sturdy yarn to be the warp yarn. Since I had this afternoon and couldn't run out to the store I went to the stash. I picked out some Paton's merino that was left over from a felted purse and some hand spun soy silk/wool blend to add to it.

IMG_1240.JPGHandspun Soy Silk/Wool blend

Off I went without planning at all if I had enough yarn, and guess what, I didn't!
I wanted to make a lap blanket or baby blanket so I started at the edge of my 32" loom with the green Paton's merino and placed a mohair and the purple soy silk/wool in once in a while to contrast the green. I was planning on continuing this way for the entire warp but quickly realized that I was running out of the green and I had only gone a quarter of the warp. So this is why you are supposed to plan weaving projects before you begin warping!


I started adding more purple and less green until the green was gone and it had completely transitioned to the purple. In the end it looks pretty great, almost like I planned it that way!




At Friday, July 04, 2008, Blogger deirdre said...

Well, that's just gorgeous - it really does look like you meant to do that...

I am planning to take another stab at warping when I get back after a week away - maybe I'll come crawling for advice....

At Monday, July 07, 2008, Blogger Judy said...

Wow! That is beautiful! What kind of loom do you use? I have a serious urge to weave but no room for a loom at the moment.


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