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Monday, September 04, 2006

Knitting on Labour Day

Knitting is so not labour so I figure it's a great way to spend my Labour Day!

This weekend started off with my fourth and final package from my Secret Pal 8 Spoiler, Deirdre. She has been an amazing spoiler and has sent me such wonderful packages. This time she sent me homemade socks by herself in a beautiful soft green color using the staight laced pattern from knitty I believe. And the Knitting Rules book from the Yarn Harlot! I've been wanting that book for a while now and it has made for perfect reading over this long weekend. The dog picture is no a card where Deirdre wrote a beautiful note to me.

Secret Pal 8 4th Package

There is a story about the socks that is very sad. I mistyped my foot length in my SP8 questionnaire and mistakenly said my feet are 6.5" long when actually they are 9.5" long. This is a huge disappointment to me and Deirdre. She has offered to knit them longer but I don't know if I should let her. It was my mistake and it's a shame to put her through that. It's a bad situation all around. I would like to find someone they would fit who would appreciate them as is, but it's hard to find kids that appreciate hand made lace socks!

On Saturday the Green trellis baby sweater finally was completed blocking (I had left it to block with too much water apparently) and I sewed the buttons on. I just love these baby sweaters and this color is so beautiful from Mission Falls. I've given it to the new mom for her little baby boy Nathan and she really liked it. It's going to take some time before he can model it though.

Trellis knitting baby sweater

Detail shot Green Trellis

Green Trellis Baby Sweater

Another great accomplishment on Saturday was to finish knitting a white lace scarf that has been on the needles since January. It is blocking now, pictures to come, and it is my first completed Christmas gift.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, the Icarus shawl is coming along nicely. I've finally gotten past the repeats of Chart 1 and with almost 400 sts on the needles now, I've also completed Chart 2 and am onto Chart 3. So far so good.


At Tuesday, September 05, 2006, Anonymous Kim said...

Tanya, that whole Secret Pal looked like fun. I'm considering signing up for Secret Pal 9 myself.

At Tuesday, September 05, 2006, Blogger The Gourmet Goddess said...

I wish I had littler feet...


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