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This is a site to catelog, track and share all the various projects I create. It is intended to share and log successes and failures of my various craft projects. Soon you will see Handmade Cards, Knitting projects, Scrapbook pages, and Quilting projects, to name a few.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First ever Hand spun project

I did it!
2 balls of 1 ply Polworth

I spun, plied and knit my first ever mitten! What a wonderful experience.
Plied on Spindle

The yarn is definitely not perfect by no means, but as the mitten proves, it can be used to create a warm, useful and fun colored item.
Ball of 2 ply polworth

I have enough yarn left to make the thumb and then it's back to spinning. I have about half the bag of fibre left so I'm hoping I will have enough for a second mitten... but even if I don't, I'll forever be happy with this one.

Mitten (minus thumb)\
Yarn: Handspun by me Polworth Fibre from London-Wul Farm
Pattern: Bulky mitten from Weekend Knitting book
Needles: 6mm double pointed
Spinning: Jan. 27-Jan 29, 2007
Knitting: Jan. 29, 2007


Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Spinning

Happy Spinning
Saturday was Drop Spinning Day! Finally I was able to attend the drop spinning class given by Heidi at London-Wul. I had been looking forward to this since the last class back in October that I was unable to attend. A couple of 'internet' friends, Vicki and Michele, came all the way from Fredericton for the class (It was great to finally meet you two!) We decided to go out for lunch before the class because we had actually never met in person and this would be a good opportunity to spend a bit of time together. The lunch grew... everyone who was in the class (except one, sorry Anne) came for lunch with us. Kim, Betty, Line, Michele, Vicki, CJ and myself were all in attendance and it was a great way (except for the cold) to start the afternoon off.

Here we all are at the class spinning away.
Drop Spindle Class
We learned to spin carted Jacob(?) wool, then combed Polworth wool and also combed mohair. We also plied and took our samples and workbooks home. We not only learned how to spin, but we learned about many different fibres and the vocabulary used in the spinning world.

Fibre and Spindle
Apparently we all enjoyed it because I don't think even one person went home without first purchasing a bag of fibre to continue spinning with. I know myself, I'm already addicted. I've been spinning every chance I can grab (and I'm supposed to be studying for an exam). I'm finding myself thinking about the fibre and the act of spinning while reading my Economics text and I'm pretty sure there will not be any spinning related questions on the exam.

Spinnng at home
Well back to spinning.. I mean studying!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

The joy of hand dyed goodness

My latest two projects have been this sea silk scarf
Sea Silk Scarf
Handmaiden Sea Silk in Forest
Scarf with Clarence Border from Victoria Lace Today

and this sock.
Monkey sock
Koigu sock yarn, bought at the PurlSoho in NYC
Monkey by Cookie found at

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hat day

Yesterday was hat day!

I made this adorable baby hat for friends of ours in Fredericton who are expecting a baby boy this month.
Handle baby hat

The quilt Troy was working on is for him too.
Here is a finished shot of Troy's quilt and to see the whole story of the quilt there are more pics here. Troy even screen printed the baby's initials onto the quilt!

Just because Troy is such a nice guy and because his head was cold outside shovelling yesterday morning, I made him this hat late last night. He hasn't seen it yet and I hope it fits! He's pretty picky about his hats.
Thick & Quick Hat

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Knitting vs Blogging vs School work

Priorities have been keeping me from blogging, but I have been knitting a lot. I've started back to night classes for my MBA so there is not as much time for knitting and blogging as before.

I have some items to show today so I'm taking the time. I've been having a blast with the London-Wul Einstein KAL. I'm making a Fleece Artist Jacket as I mentioned earlier. I've completed the back after some rework. I added a garter stitch band at the bottom since the pattern has turned out to be only stocking stitch, the bottom was rolling too much.

Back of Fleece Artist jacket

I tore out a Clapotis scarf I had started with the Sea Silk my friend Line gave me for my birthday. I really like that pattern but decided the sea silk was too fine to due it justice and the scarf would end up being quite narrow. Since I was anxious to try my hand at a lace pattern from Victorian Lace Today, I've started this scarf below. It will require blocking, but I like the way the wide boarder has turned out.

Scarf with Sea Silk

Last but not least, I'm making another pair of socks for my mom. She has fallen prey to the handknit socks addiction that wearing your first pair of hand knit socks can cause. She is wearing them almost everyday, so I figure it's practically an emergency to get her another pair as fast as possible. These are just simple stocking stitch in a purple self patterning yarn.

Purple sock for Mom

I have an exciting annoucement to make. My friend Line and I have started designing and making Stitch markers! I'm quite excited about this because they are for sale at my favorite yarn shop, London-Wul. This is the first time anything I've made is for sale at a real store, and I couldn't have imagined a better fit. Thanks Heidi!

Packaged Stitch markers

As I'm sitting at the computer typing this, this is what Troy is up to:

Baby quilt sandwiches

Baby quilt sandwiches

Troy sewing Baby quilt

He's making a rag quilt for a baby shower next weekend. He cut all those squares Friday and Saturday night and sandwiched them together too. Now he's moved on to sewing... Gotta love him!

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year begins with a Pop!

It's been too long since I posted so I have a little catching up to do. First I must show you the terrific knitting related items I received for Christmas.
Christmas Presents

The yarn is from the hubby, Troy, and is Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn. I love the colors! I also received the Victorian Lace Today book from him as well (I hinted really hard for this one and he came through). This book is even better than Grumperina's review stated, if that's possible. This is a must have book for every knitter. The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook is from my friend Line and has everything you ever needed to know about dying, spinning and than sock making. It's fabulous and just in time since I'm planning to attend the Drop Spindle class at London-Wul this month. Thanks to everyone for some fabulous presents. I think I must have been a good girl this year.

Also, here are the last pair of Christmas socks that were finished on December 27.
Blue Diagonal Rib Socks
Diagonal Rib Socks
Essential Tweed in Flint from
2.25mm Crystal Palace set of 5 double pointed needles
80sts, 8x2 rib
Started: Dec 20; Finished: Dec 27, 2006

I'm ready for the Knit A Long at London-Wul to begin! The KAL is to make an Einstein coat from Sally Melville's book 1: The Knit Stitch but I've chosen to make the Fleece Artist Garter Stitch coat, which oddly enough is knit in stocking stitch.

Here is the kit:
Garter Jacket Kit from Fleece Artist

After some fun ball winding
Mo on Swift
Mo from Fleece Artist
Curly Locks on Swift
Curly Locks from Fleece Artist

I was ready to prepare a swatch (no really, I swatched!)
Supplies for Garter jacket

And here is the swatch to prove it:
Garter Jacket Swatch

The colors are darker than the pictures and are blending really well together. I hope my Mom likes it. The KAL starts next Sunday, January 7. I'm waiting until then to cast on the sweater, but I'm ready and raring to go.

I hope every had a wonderful New Year's Eve! Ours was quiet and intimate. We had a fondue party with my parents and champagne and sparklers at midnight. This year everything is going to fall into step with everything else. The champagne bottle 'popped' by itself as the count down bellowed out "3, 2, 1" then POP the top of the champagne bottle flew off even though it was sitting on the counter with no one near it. If that's not some sort of sign, I'll eat the cork. I'm looking forward to a fun and busy 2007!

To commemorate 2006, here is a photo gallery of most (but not all) of my 2006 finished projects:
2006 Finished Projects