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This is a site to catelog, track and share all the various projects I create. It is intended to share and log successes and failures of my various craft projects. Soon you will see Handmade Cards, Knitting projects, Scrapbook pages, and Quilting projects, to name a few.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Best Monday ever

Today is turning out to be such a fabulous day!

First off, Troy successfully completed detangling the sock yarn mess I made. He's quite proud of himself, and he should be. I didn't have the patience for that task.

Looks like a juggler

The second wonderful thing is that I found my Secret Pal! It's Deirdre and she is just wonderful. Check out her blog... I will be often.

The third fabulous thing is that my package of yarn from Knit Picks arrived. I ordered 2 patterns, Adamas Shawl and Rectangle Cover Shawl. Also, I ordered yarn for socks for Christmas presents. Most of the people I want to give socks to are men so I picked out mostly manly colors and now that it has arrived it looks like fall. I guess I knew subconciously that by the time it arrived the temperature would have dropped by 5 degrees.

Yarn for Christmas presents from KnitPicks

Here's the low down of the yarn: Essential Tweed, 2 balls each of Inca Gold and Flint; 2 balls Autumn Simple Stripes; Memories in 2 skeins of Cape Code and 2 skeins of Yukon. The Essential is really soft and the memories has a nice sturdy but soft feel to it.

Now the biggest dilemma of the evening is what socks do I start first? On one hand we have the much anticipated Lavendar blue satiny yarn and the jaywalker pattern and on the other hand we have the Cape Code memories yarn and the Father and Son Socks from IW Fall 2006. I really want the lavendar socks because they are for me, but it would be a great feeling to get a Christmas present completed so early. I'll debate this while I finish up a pair of kids sock tonight to meet the end of August for SAM2.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Emotional mess

I've been delaying writing about what happened to me on Friday night hoping that soon I would have a happy ending and that would make for a better story. Also, I've been avoiding it because it is too painful to discuss. It might be therapeutic and maybe help someone, so I'm going to start at the beginning.

As I already mentioned, my terrific SP sent my a third parcel containing a sock kit and it arrived Wednesday night. I was so excited and just loved the yarn. While I was at work on Thursday morning I decided it was finally time I bought myself a ball winder. I've been wanting one for so long now and I have a few skeins of yarn that I keep passing over only because they require balling up before I can make a swatch. Now with this sock yarn as one more incentive I rushed out to London-Wul during my noon hour to pick up the ball winder. I had decided to forgo purchasing a swift at the same time because there are ways to hold the yarn without it and together they would be a big purchase (this was quite last minute purchase and it's not like it's my birthday or anything).

I had plans on Thursday night to go out for a friends birthday so the ball winder and the new sock yarn sat in their respective boxes all night. All day on Friday while I was at work I dreamed of what I was going to do when I got home. The first chore was to ball the beautiful lavendar blue yarn then pack it and the proper needles into the lavendar travel bag it came with and head up to my room for an evening of sock knitting (jaywalkers I think) and TV watching. My husband was having guys over to jam with so this seemed like a perfect retreat for me.

Friday evening started off wonderfully. I got off work a tad early and headed to a tapas bar with some friends for a glass of wine, some jazz and some snacks. The sun was shining and the day was gorgeous. I arrived home a little later than expected, about 6:30pm, so I rushed down stairs to the ball winder and sock yarn. It was time to prepare for my perfect retreat evening.

I placed the yarn over my knees and began winding with the winder. I had a couple false starts but was soon on my way. The yarn kept slipping off my knees or getting stuck on my pant hem so I switched to the back of a chair. Then the yarn kept snagging on the chair hinges so I switched to my hands. Before I knew it I was in this mess...
Big mess

I tried to fix it and was making it worse. I started to cry! I was angry, upset, embarrassed and panicked and I just could not take it. I actually screamed! My husband came running down to the craft room (thank god his friends weren't here yet) and saw what had happened. He tried to reassure me it would be all fine and I cried harder. I was having a real panic moment (i'm ashamed to admit that). There was no calming me so he removed me from the situation and told me he would fix the yarn for me tomorrow and told me that later it would make a good blog story. I told him I'd never write about this because it was just horrific to do something so horrible to something so beautiful.

This is what I ended up with (to make things worse I never took a picture before I started winding the yarn).
3rd Secret Pal package

Skip ahead a day and here is my devoted husband attempting to keep his crazy wife sane.
Troy to the rescue
What a savior he is. He is half way through, he worked 2 hours yesterday detangling. I really owe him a big huge favor when it's all untangled.

Meanwhile, I got him to assist me with balling some less precious yarn yesterday and when I hold the yarn on my arms and he works the ball winder we have absolutely no problems. It just takes two!

So after my emotional rollercoaster on Friday evening I needed a project I could complete and feel happy about. I dug out some left over wool from when I made a pair of the socks from Weekend Knitting. Troy had washed and shrunk one of them (but we are not complaining about Troy today, he is detangling!) so I've been staring at the one sock that is still wearable with it's unusable mate for months now. I took the left over yarn and knit up another sock. I ran out of the yarn with 2 rows in the heel left, but frankly I don't care. At least I can wear them now... that makes me happy. Now as long as I don't look at the other mess I can keep smiling.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Best Secret Pal ever

I received another package from my Secret Pal on Wednesday night. I forgot to take a picture of it though but I want to send a HUGE thank you to my Secret Pal. She is the best ever. She sent me a sock kit from with a lovely sock bag, handpainted yarn from Botanika and bamboo needles. The bag and yarn are in a wonderful lavendar blue. I can't wait to start a pair of socks with it. I'm going to try making jaywalkers and see how the color way works with that pattern.

Perfect Pie shawl

The Perfect Pie shawl was for my great friend CJ for her birthday. Her birthday was a couple weeks ago (but I haven't been on the computer at all lately). Here she with the shawl. She of course had guessed it was for her. You're so smart CJ :o)

CJ Shawl.JPG

Monday, August 14, 2006

Green theme

I am too tired to even post tonight so this is going to be quick and short.

I'm back from vacation (if you can call it that because I'm more tired than when I went). We went camping on an island in the Restigouche River, NB for the weekend after I spent the week at a cottage full of my cousins little kids (cute kids but they just don't know how to relax). Here are some shots from the camping trip. The first one is not very good but it shows the valley we are in a bit. The scenery was fabulous!

And isn't this the most photogenic dog ever?! I'm a very proud mom ;o)
This is the beginning of another Trellis sweater for a friend that is due any day now. I just love this green!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gaspe Adventure

I'm on my first day of vacation today!
Well the weekend was a vacation in itself, but everyone had those days off.

Gaspe Coast

Troy and I went to Campbellton (where he's from) and took a drive on Saturday along the Gaspe coast. Our destination was Perce Rock.

Perce Rock, Gaspe, Quebec

It was really beautiful in Perce. We were in the middle of no where but when you come up on this town it was FULL of people. There were people everywhere!

Perce, Quebec

The best part about this type of getaway was that I got to see this wonderful landscape while also enjoying a long extended knitting session. The whole drive there and back took us about 8 hours and I knit the whole time on my first Jaywalker sock and on the Icarus shawl I'm making.

Knitting on the Gaspe Drive

I did not know Troy was taking that picture. Probably for the best.
Here are the results of my knitting adventure, I mean, Gaspe adventure.

Icarus is growing

Jaywalker in Gras

Jaywalker first sock completed
I finished the sock the next day. I love this pattern. It's fun and easy and very unique. Thanks Grumperina!

In one hour my father is coming to pick me up and I'm off for a Father's/Daughters cottage trip. It should be fun. The weather is supposed to be great and we haven't had a trip together in, well, a really long time! My knitting is packed (second jaywalker sock, icarus shawl and green trellis baby sweater has been cast on). I'll be back on Thursday. I love vacation time!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sock it up

I've joined Sock-A-Month 2 and Sock Wars.

Bring on the sock knitting !!

Here is my first completed pair for SAM2. The Hederas are completed and ready for mailing.

Purple Hedera Socks

Purple Hedera Socks

Purple Hedera Socks

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New month, new project

New month = New project... the fun never ends. Last night I casted off the purple Hedera socks that are to be sent to my Secret Pal 8 and they are drying on the blocking board. Immediately I casted on a new pair of socks. I've been wanting to use the Austerman Step yarn in 'gras' I was using for the green cabled socks (which were not turning out) to make a pair of the infamous Jaywalker socks. I'm going away this weekend so I thought I better get a start on these so I can bring them with me. The plan is to finish the Pie Shawl edging while in the car and then that's done. So I now I'll have another sock project to work on.

My camera is still not working. Makes blogging realling boring. For your viewing pleasure I'll leave you with this older picture of the start of the Icarus Shawl being made with Fiber Artist Merino wool (I'm farther along now).