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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fair Isle at last

I finally took the plunge and made a fair isle mitten! KnittenKnots and many others have been inspiring me with items like this and this.

I wanted to start with something simple as I have not done much fair isle knitting and never on 4 needles. This pattern called Corazon from Knitty was the winner.

Corazon mitton

It knit up really quick and now I have 3 pink mittens that don't match each other at all, two hand spun and one fair isle. Good news is I'm trying new things :)


As an update, I finished my Monkey socks while I was in San Diego and I just love these socks. The yarn is Koigu that I picked up while visiting NYC in November. This yarn and socks are well travelled!
Monkey socks

It was a sock filled week!

I started socks for Troy (finally) and finished the first one. Troy can finally model a sock that will actually be his.
Diagonal Rib socks for Troy

Then I finished the second "Heat Waves" sock, aka Manon's socks. These are the first real sock pattern of my own. I've altered a lot of patterns but this one I invented from scratch. It was fun. The yarn is Socks that Rocks yarn and was a little crazy but added to the fun of these.
Heat Waves socks

Heat Waves socks

Clancy got tired out helping me with the photo shoot!

To round off this sock filled week, I 'mysteriously' received sock yarn in the mail yesterday! What an awesome surprise! Check out Dani's handpainted yarns at Sunshine Yarns. It's very soft superwash merino wool. The 2 colors I bought, I mean surprisingly showed up in the mail, were Neapolitan and Tiger, both now sold out. But there are other fun colors and new ones added all the time.

Sock yarn from Sunshine Yarns

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Niddy Noddy magic



Bought myself a niddy noddy, pictured above, so that I could make a skein out of my newest spun yarn and let the ply settle while I went to California. That was a great plan, except I couldn't wait.


As soon as it was in a skein I balled it up and Ta DA... A mitten!


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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mrytle Leaf Shawl error

I wanted to let everyone know that there is an error in the chart for the Myrtle Leaf Shawl in the Victorian Lace Today book. This might save someone else the trouble of finding this out for themselves.

Lace Closeup

The picture above is a close up of 2 repeats of the 13 row pattern. On row 13 is where the mistake is. If you open the picture in Flickr by clicking on it you will see 2 squares highlighting the mistake and fix. Row 13 is supposed to close off one of the leaves so that it comes to a point but with the way the pattern chart is this does not happen. The bottom leaf has a big hole at the top of it and does not come to a point. The last row in this picture shows row 13 worked with the fix. Row 13 repeat starts off with a decrease of K2Tog. If this decrease is ignored and only knit as a single knit and decrease is done at the end of the row instead, then the K2Tog decreases correspond to the top point of the leaves and the pattern works out properly. Basically row 13 needs to be shifted over 1 stitch.

Hope this helps :o)

Favorite wrap

Guess what?! This is my 100th post!!!